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What Is ChromeGuard?

ChromeGuard is an advanced protection system designed to protect the bucket cylinders of mining excavators from rock damage and accidental damage risks associated with ground engagement mining. Built with polyurethane, it can be customised to fit any size of cylinders on any excavator.



High density poly sliding guard



Fixed poly guide



Flexible connecting bellow



Flexible retaining hoop

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How Much Could ChromeGuard Save You?

During hard rock mining, when a 500-tonne excavator cylinder gets damaged, about fifty per cent of the time the machine needs to be pulled out of service for repair.

That can be up to half a million-dollar loss of production in twelve-hour shift. Additionally, each damaged cylinder replacement costs up to $50,000 in parts and fitment. That is roughly how much ChromeGuard could save you per incident.

Why ChromeGuard?

Unlike other protection systems made with materials like steel that bend after an impact, ChromeGuard is built with polyethylene that flexes back to shape after an impact. There is no metal between the head of the cylinder and the barrel end where the impact occurs the most. So whatever hits it, ChromeGuard absorbs the impact and springs back into shape.

Apart from providing our clients with an exceptional product that can be adapted to suit any machine, we offer 24X7 service, delivery, and assistance. It’s not only the product but also our dedication to serve our clients at all times that makes us one of the trusted partners in the mining sector.

Practical Benefits

When your equipment escapes external damage and continues to perform all year round, you not only save a substantial amount but also avoid delays and downtime in your everyday operations.

Maintenance Capacity

Crippled equipment not only cost production losses but also hinders regular operational maintenance. ChromeGuard greatly reduces breakdowns associated with accident damage and allows you to focus on preventive and scheduled maintenance.

Peace Of Mind

With ChromeGuards fitted, you won’t have to worry about damage to the cylinders on your machines, the high-risk task of changing out cylinders regularly, oil contamination associated with cylinder damage and the logistical challenge of having replacement cylinders all the time.

Quick Replacement

With our stocks of critical replacement parts, we offer “same day shipment”. The ChromeGuard system is designed so replacement parts can be changed out quickly if damaged.

The Damage That Would be Inflicted Without ChromeGuard

Hard rock mining puts extreme pressure on the dig machines, with a drive to extract as many tones as possible of roughly blasted stone. It is almost impossible for operators to not incur damage. When damage is incurred there is an evergrowing production loss associated with the machine’s not producing.

Failure to use protection systems like ChromeGuard results in huge losses in production and significantly increased maintenance costs. On one mine site with 13 primary dig machines, it was calculated that around 1.9 million tones of iron ore production per year were lost due to bucket cylinder damage. On top of this, there was close to $1 million costs in replacement parts and labour associated with this issue.

With the average iron ore price at around US$70/tone and an average of $14/tone to produce, having ChromeGuard bucket cylinder protection systems fitted to the dig fleet of a large mining operation could add over US$100 million to the bottom line.


Down time

Each time a cylinder is damaged on a large excavator it results in approx. 12 hours of down time while the cylinder is changed out. With dig machines generally the priority in mining operations this 12 hours results in up to 7000 tons of lost production.


Lost revenue

Each time a cylinder is damaged on a large mining excavator it can result in up to half a million dollars in lost revenue


Parts and labour

Each time a cylinder is damaged on a large mining excavator it can result in up to $50,000 in parts and labour cost

Why Is ChromeGuard Different?

Having worked with the mining equipment sector for years, we have been closely monitoring the challenges that hinder the operation of high-scale and costly equipment in the mining sector. ChromeGuard is a patented hydraulic cylinder protection system we have built after years of research and testing, intending to provide the best solution to preventing the equipment damage being experienced currently every day in the hard rock mining sector.

It’s not just our innovative bucket cylinder protection system that makes us different but also our dedicated service and support that comes with it. Our team is available 24×7 to assist our customers and provide them with reliable after-sales service. We make sure a standard stock amount of ‘critical replacement parts’ is always maintained so that we can offer same-day shipping service in case of any urgent replacement requirement.

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